<center>Who We Are</center>

Who We Are


Gary Foote Music, is a group of composers of creative music for media. Their unique scoring abilities traverse commercials, TV, Movie Trailers and Games.  We've spent well over 20 years combining the highest production values with awe inspiring arrangements (from orchestral to electronic) to offer uniquely professional services for our clients.  Gary Foote Music creates high quality and impactful music for Sporting events, TV programming, film and movie trailers, Game and Sonic Ids.

Some of the clients to use our services have been: MTV Cribs, Wu Tang Clan, RZA, Spike, MTV, The Biography Channel, A&E, ABC Sports, NBA, TV Land, ESPN, Adventure Guides, ET, BET.  Movies, "Three can play That Game" Lockdown.

<center>Our Mission</center>

Our Mission


Gary Foote Music will delight our customers by providing the absolute best original, quality, convenience and value.

Our goal is to provide our clients the awesome creativity of some of the worlds top music composer/producer/musicians. Partnering with you by translating  your vision of a higher dream into musical reality  with all the emotional resonance required to deliver the impact you desire. The Gary Foote Brand incorporates creativity and musical wisdom, using state-of-the-art technology. We have a client centered philosophy..."Your needs, are our needs  and we strive to make every experience  your best experience." Call us today to arrange for an appointment.  
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